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What does BALKAN do for it's clients?

  • In-depth analysis of the company needs.
  • Insurance audit of the existing insurance policies - premiums, deductibles, conditions.
  • Advising the client what are the needed risks. The results of this insurance analysis often  lead to cost reductions and a higher effectiveness of your insurance portfolio.
  • The Broker prepares Insurance Submissions with scope of cover based usually on different options. Thus helping the Client to meet a better informed decision.
  • The Broker helps the clients to improve their risk management, optimizes the premium payments and assists in the claim settlement. Claim settlement can be substantially improved with the Broker’s intervention.

BALKAN performs analysis of the insurance market, aiming to obtain the most suitable cover for the client.

BALKAN makes comparison of the wordings /covered risks of the different insurance companies.

BALKAN organizes tenders between the insurance companies.

BALKAN negotiates the best terms, conditions and pricing for our clients.

BALKAN places the needed risks.

As a Client of BALKAN you  have your own, regular contact with the Broker,who is familiar with your insurance program history and company’s insurance needs.

BALKAN offers quick claims settlement and on-going service. The continuity of your company is leading. We will settle an unexpected loss quickly and adequately. We work closely together with the client  and specialised adjustment, salvage and restoration firms.

BALKAN administers the insurance policy and tracks the premium payments due dates and / or reports that need to be provided within certain time schedule.