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Your personal data and our confidentiality are important to you as individuals, as well as to us by "ZBK BALKAN" AD, in view of the trust you give us when providing them.

We hereby wish to inform you what personal data, in what way and for what purposes "ZBK BALKAN" AD, as a Data Privacy Administrator, collects, processes, stores and shares your personal data, the measures it takes in connection with the protection of your personal data data and your rights regarding the processing of your personal data.

This Declaration complies with the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection (Regulation (EC) 2016/679 - GDPR), hereinafter referred to as "the Regulation", which enters into force on 25.05.2018. Currently, the Personal Data Protection Act (LPAA) is being implemented in Bulgaria.

As an individual, under the Regulation and the LPPD, you are a "personal data subject" and "ZBK BALKAN" AD is a Personal Data Administrator who processes your personal data.

At the end of this document are listed contacts for contacting us as a Personal Data Administrator.

This document may be amended and it is desirable to periodically familiarize it with its content.




As an insurance broker "ZBK BALKAN" JSC collects from you various personal data in order to perform the insurance intermediation commissioned by you for conclusion and execution of insurance contracts, which includes examination and analysis of the insurance interest; the collection of offers by insurance companies for the conclusion of insurance; concluding, administering and processing an insurance policy; assistance in liquidation of damages and payment of insurance benefits.

"ZBK BALKAN" AD, as a Personal Data Administrator, collects most often from you or from the person representing you the following personal data, which are included in the insurance contract / policy you wish to conclude:

• Names;

• PIN or date of birth;

• Address - permanent or for correspondence.

Depending on the type of insurance, ZBK BALKAN AD also collects the following personal data:

• Family status data;

• Property data - vehicle, property, etc .;

• Data on labor remuneration;

• Health data.

In order to contact you and send you an offer, notification or other information, as well as when you place an order through our website or through our mobile application, ZBK BALKAN AD collects data about:

• Email address - email;

• A mobile or other contact number with you;

• Your mobile or other device, IP address.

"ZBK BALKAN" AD also collects the following personal data and information about:

• Bank accounts, origin of funds;

• Video - when visiting the offices as well

• Any other information provided voluntarily by you in the course of our relationship.




"ZBK BALKAN" JSC collects the above personal data on one or more of the following STATEMENTS:

• Contract: "ZBK BALKAN" JSC signs with you a written contract for the assignment of insurance mediation and collects personal data in order to conclude and implement this contract. Certain insurances such as "Motor Third Party Liability" do not require a written assignment contract, and the assignment is oral.

• Law: "ZBK BALKAN" AD has statutory obligations (tax, accounting, fraud prevention, money laundering, terrorist financing etc.) and is obliged to collect your personal data under TIPC, LMML and others.

• Legitimate Interest: "ZBK BALKAN" JSC has the right to exercise and defend legal claims, and this is an example of its legitimate interest, always judging whether or not you have this right before this legitimate interest.

• Consent: Consent must be explicit, free, informed, and provided by you in the case of processing of your personal data related to the expiration and renewal of insurance announcements, the provision of additional services and products by ZBK BALKAN AD or its partners who would be interested in you and which will improve the quality of the services provided. At any time you may withdraw your consent and "ZBK BALKAN" AD will cease processing your personal data in the future.




"ZBK BALKAN" AD processes your personal data for one or more of the following OBJECTIVES:

• Provision of insurance mediation services for insuring - collection, analysis and submission of offers by insurers, conclusion of insurance contracts;

• Notification of circumstances regarding the insurances you have entered into: legal or other changes, policy maturities, expiry of insurance periods;

• Assistance in liquidation of damages;

• Information on insurance products and services;

• Making a contact on your objection or complaint;

• Observance of regulatory obligations and requirements provided by Bulgarian and Community legislation;

• Improving the quality of the services provided by ZBK BALKAN AD;

• Ensuring the security of the clients and employees of ZBK BALKAN AD, including the personal data, as well as the property in our offices;

• Exercise and protection of legal claims of ZBK BALKAN AD in judicial and administrative proceedings.




Next to your personal data for any of the above purposes, access may include:

• Public authorities - such as courts, public prosecutors, national security authorities, regulators - committees and others;

• Insurance companies selected by you to take out insurance;

• Accountants, auditors, lawyers;

• External service providers - IT providers and specialists; appraisers and experts; mail, incl. electronic;

• Doctors, hospitals, roadside assistance, service shops (garages);


When you connect to ZBK BALKAN AD through its website or mobile application, it is possible to connect to another page of other service providers using the links there. ZBK BALKAN PLC is not responsible for the security of your personal data in the event that your personal data is collected when visiting these other pages. With partners with whom "ZBK BALKAN" JSC has concluded contracts, conditions for the protection of your personal data are agreed and "ZBK BALKAN" JSC only transfers your personal data that are necessary for the provision of the particular service.

The insurance companies that you have chosen to take out your insurances treat your personal data separately from "ZBK BALKAN" AD and for your own purposes, such as Personal Data Administrators.




Without your consent, ZBK BALKAN PLC will not transfer your data to another country,

an EU Member State or a third country. Transmission of data where necessary to provide the mediation service for insurance (eg when insuring with an insurer whose head office is in another country and does not operate on the territory of Bulgaria through a branch or a right of establishment ) will be performed in compliance with the statutory rules and with your consent.




ZBK BALKAN JSC keeps your personal data for a period consistent with the purposes for which it was collected but for a shorter period of the term of your insurance contract.

In fulfillment of a statutory obligation, "ZBK BALKAN" JSCo will store your data for a period longer than the above mentioned.

In order to protect their legitimate interest, namely to exercise legal or other claims, until the expiry of the limitation period for their submission, ZBK BALKAN JSCo will store your data for a period of not less than 5 years after expiration or termination of the contract with you.




ZBK BALKAN JSC applies a variety of technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, use or disclosure, such as encryption of personal data communication (SSL); storage of data on servers provided with reliable modern security and security protocols; controlling access to personal data by setting access levels and sharing of data processing obligations; using passwords for access; restrictions on the use of mobile devices / laptops, telephones / for the processing and storage of personal data; applies security measures to the premises and locations in which personal data are stored; adopts internal acts - policies, rules and instructions on the protection of personal data; has designated a Data Protection Officer whose contacts are contained at the end of this document; requires its partners, service providers and other individuals to whom it shares personal data to apply appropriate data protection measures.




1. Right of access to your personal data and the right to receive the following information: for what purpose the data are processed, what personal data, the receipt of personal data, the period of processing of personal data;

2. The right to request the correction of your personal data which is inaccurate or out of date, as well as the right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority in the event of a refusal of "ZBK BALKAN" AD to correct your personal data;

3. Right to ask ZBK BALKAN PLC to restrict the processing of your personal data when:

3.1. the personal data are inaccurate, in which case the limitation is for a period during which "ZBK BALKAN" JSC to verify the accuracy of the personal data;

3.2. the processing of personal data is unlawful, but you do not wish to delete them but only to restrict their use;

3.3. ZBK BALKAN PLC no longer needs data for the purposes of processing, but the data are necessary for establishing, exercising or protecting legal claims;

3.4. you have objected to the processing pending verification that the legal grounds of ZBK BALKAN AD have an advantage over your interest as a data subject;

4. Right to ask for your personal data to be erased without undue delay ("the right to be forgotten") - ZBK BALKAN AD to delete the personal data from all systems and records where it is stored, including notification to all third parties / where there is no legal basis for continued processing, or when you have withdrawn your consent, and no other legal basis exists for their processing, or where your legitimate interest takes precedence over the legitimate grounds of " BC BALKAN "AD, or when processing them in violation of the law;

5. Right to object to ZBK BALKAN PLC against the processing of your personal data at any time, stating the reasons for this - legal basis or use for direct marketing purposes;

6. Right to file a complaint against the processing of your personal data or non-compliance with your rights in relation to the protection of personal data to the competent supervisory authority - Personal Data Protection Commission (CPDP), address: Sofia 1592, Prof. . 2 Tzvetan Lazarov Str., (;

7. Right to be notified when there is a risk of breaching the security of your personal information, such as IBC BALKAN PLC should inform you of the nature of the violation and what steps have been taken to remedy it and whether it has notified the supervisor of the breach ;

8. Right to judicial or administrative redress if your personal data rights have been violated;

9. Right to withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data in whole or in part at any time, without prejudice to the lawfulness of processing based on your consent, before it is withdrawn, for which you will notify ZBK BALKAN AD in the following manner : in writing at 2A Klokotnitsa Str., Business Center "IVEL", fl. 9, office 26 or by e-mail:;

10. Data portability right - Receiving from you and transferring it to another person, such as another insurer.


You can contact ZBK BALKAN PLC at the following addresses and contact information in order to exercise your rights.

When requesting access to personal data, we will provide you with a copy thereof, and we may set a reasonable fee for making it available upon request again or following. "ZBK BALKAN" AD can provide you with the information in widely used electronic format.

Data may be transferred under the following conditions: Automatic data processing and the reason for processing your data is your consent, contract or steps taken at your request prior to entering into a contract. The transfer of the data does not lead to their deletion and "ZBK BALKAN" JSC will continue to process them and provide you with the mediation service.

We will reply to each request or inquiry within one month in the form in which it is made (on paper or in electronic format).




"ZBK BALKAN" AD, UIC 175405608, with headquarters and address of management in Sofia, 2A Klokotnitsa Str., Business center "IVEL", fl. 9, office 26.

The Privacy Officer appointed by IBC BALKAN AD is Yordan Velev.

Inquiries, requests, objections, etc. may be sent to the above address or email:, as well as by phone: 0888602681.


Protection of personal data

"ZBK BALKAN" AD is a data controller under Certificate № 257 025 / 02.14.2014 issued by the Commission for Protection of Personal Data.

"ZBK BALKAN" AD collects voluntarily provided by the user personal data by putting them on the website.
Personal data may be used by "ZBK BALKAN" AD messaging relating to insurance consumers as well as for direct marketing purposes for which users give their consent to the introduction of these data on the website and submission of electronic procurement . By submitting your order for insurance consumers dekarirat explicit consent, provided their personal data to be stored, processed and provided to third parties under the Personal Data Protection Act in connection with and for the purposes of bidding, contracting and administration of insurance contracts.

"ZBK BALKAN" AD collects personal information (such as name, address, telephone, e-mail, etc.) only in the event that they are voluntarily provided by users of the website in connection with the filing of a request or order to purchase insurance. Personal data may be used by "ZBK BALKAN" AD for direct marketing by sending additional information about the services provided by the company as an insurance broker and any discounts or promotions organized independently or together with third parties. Any personal data provided voluntarily by users using the website will be used only for purposes for which they were granted in accordance with the applicable Bulgarian legislation with EU legislation.

"ZBK BALKAN" AD may not provide personal data of users of the website to third parties, except for insurance companies that issue policies offers and award without the express consent of the person who supplied the data. In some cases where third parties provide services relating to the maintenance of the website, they can gain access to users' personal data only for the purpose of maintenance. "ZBK BALKAN" AD is obliged to take any measures to protect the personal data of users of the website in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Protection of Personal Data.

The team of the Company may collect technical information that constitutes personal data such as the number and duration of visits to the site, IP addresses and type of browsers on users' computers and others. This information can only be used to improve the services of the website. Personal data may be disclosed in collecting such information. IP addresses can be used to identify users of the website only in case of default of these Terms or is threatened when the content of the website or other users.