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Our Mission
For our Clients: 

  • Create the oldest and most respected INDEPENDENT multi-Specialism insurance broker in Bulgaria with clients at the centre of everything we do. 

  • We will drive improvements in business service standards, meet the need for change and provide a clear value proposition for our Clients. 

  • Our Clients will enjoy doing business with us and will be our greatest advocates. 

  • We will remain an INDEPENDENT voice in the insurance broking market.

  • It is our mission to provide independent advice, trust, accountability and outstanding service to our customers and clients, while operating with the highest degree of integrity and honesty to develop the most comprehensive, cost-effective solution.

  • It is our professional duty to provide tailored insurance coverage at the most reasonable costs for your home, auto, commercial and farming needs. We are 100% committed to providing consistent and first class service; to warrant a long-term relationship with our customers which result in being preferred and referred in the communities we serve.

For our Staff: 

  • We will embrace the values of professionalism and honesty in our work ethic. 

  • We will reflect the value of our INDEPENDENCE for our Clients, and we will go the extra mile for our Clients and our colleagues. 

  • We will have fun at work, reflecting the original ‘family’ values upon which Balkan Insurance broker PLC was built.

Our vision:

  • Remain an INDEPENDENT force in the insurance brokerage business

  • Maximize the potential from our multi-Specialist approach

  • Create a sales-led workforce with a clear client-focus

  • Embrace change and be at the forefront of initiatives to drive efficiencies through IT led solutions

  • Provide all employees with defined career paths and positive future opportunities

Our values:

  • Professionalism and honesty in everything we do.
  • Personal accountability and willingness to take ownership to see things through.
  • Effective team work.
  • We have pride in our reputation for professional excellence. Individuals obtain professional qualifications and achieve industry recognized standards. 
  • We ensure that our specialist knowledge is kept current by engaging in continuous professional development, participating in mentoring programs and proactively seeking out learning opportunities.
  • We believe in ‘going the extra mile’ and will never fail to follow up on the commitments we make within the work place.
  • We make ourselves accountable by ensuring we meet deadlines and targets, communicating in an appropriate and timely way if we are unable to meet expectations for any reason, and by asking for support, guidance or information to ensure our work is the best it can be.
  • We maximize the benefit of our expertise, skills and experience through a culture of knowledge-sharing, communication and collaboration across Divisions and departments.
  • We select and recruit people who most demonstrate the skills and behaviors most closely associated with Balkan Insurance broker PLC. 
  • We nurture and promote those staff to become our future stars and collectively we celebrate their wins and successes.