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Our goal is not only better insurance protection, but a full and timely receipt of the insurance compensation.

In terms of corporate business our main goal is to assist the client in order to improve prevention measures and non-insurance events.


  •         We offer analyze and assessment of the possible perils that may threat your business.
  •         We do prepare reports with measures as to how to reduce the risk as well as fire security measures
  •         We do perform specialized insurance audit - a review and assessment of the existing insurance policies.
  •         What we do as well: optimization of insurance schemes, enabling planning and minimize the annual insurance costs.



We focus on several areas:


·         Services for strategies on risk - assessment and management of the business risk at all levels of the organization, projects and initiatives


·         Analysis of modeling and planning - providing techniques to quantify risk, to assist the process of decision-making


·         Manage the continuity of business - preparing for the customers covers in cases of  unplanned interruption of the business activities


·         Services for property risk - protecting commercial property against damage


·         Inspection of fire security measures: report on the fire security, outlining measures to improve the safety conditions of two groups-those that require only disciplinary measures and change internal rules and measures relating to the financing and change in fire protection


·         Risk management in terms of staff, efficiency of human resources management


We offer a focused insurance program with an opportunity to fully evaluate the risk management.


Under this program, we do create a detailed log of insured and uninsured risks and conduct regular meetings with our clients to discuss their forecasts and future business and / or social plans.


Thus providing conditions for forming opinions and making recommendations on optimizing the balance between price and protection and minimizing the costs to our customers in the part of insurance.


We produce specialized insurance programs for various industrial segments