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"ZBK BALKAN" AD is a data controller under Certificate № 257 025 / 02.14.2014 issued by the Commission for Protection of Personal Data.

"ZBK BALKAN" AD collects voluntarily provided by the user personal data by putting them on the website.
Personal data may be used by "ZBK BALKAN" AD messaging relating to insurance consumers as well as for direct marketing purposes for which users give their consent to the introduction of these data on the website and submission of electronic procurement . By submitting your order for insurance consumers dekarirat explicit consent, provided their personal data to be stored, processed and provided to third parties under the Personal Data Protection Act in connection with and for the purposes of bidding, contracting and administration of insurance contracts.

"ZBK BALKAN" AD collects personal information (such as name, address, telephone, e-mail, etc.) only in the event that they are voluntarily provided by users of the website in connection with the filing of a request or order to purchase insurance. Personal data may be used by "ZBK BALKAN" AD for direct marketing by sending additional information about the services provided by the company as an insurance broker and any discounts or promotions organized independently or together with third parties. Any personal data provided voluntarily by users using the website will be used only for purposes for which they were granted in accordance with the applicable Bulgarian legislation with EU legislation.

"ZBK BALKAN" AD may not provide personal data of users of the website to third parties, except for insurance companies that issue policies offers and award without the express consent of the person who supplied the data. In some cases where third parties provide services relating to the maintenance of the website, they can gain access to users' personal data only for the purpose of maintenance. "ZBK BALKAN" AD is obliged to take any measures to protect the personal data of users of the website in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Protection of Personal Data.

The team of the Company may collect technical information that constitutes personal data such as the number and duration of visits to the site, IP addresses and type of browsers on users' computers and others. This information can only be used to improve the services of the website. Personal data may be disclosed in collecting such information. IP addresses can be used to identify users of the website only in case of default of these Terms or is threatened when the content of the website or other users.